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Gaining New Engineering Perspective
I like to start over. There are several reasons including my desire to improve and optimize solutions to existing
problems, to obtain a better understanding and reorganize the solution so that I can explain it to someone else, or to
soak up every piece of data that has somehow been overlooked in the past. Many times I arrive at a solution that was
considered basic - that had either been lost over the years or overcome by all of the noise. I always start by
researching books and sometimes the internet, coming up with a “proof of concept” scope, and achieving the proof
and then optimizing/organizing it. It’s always a race against time.
How do you decide what to solve?
The audience always provides that. I look at their questions up
close at first. Then, I widen the scope until I can find a starting
The sub-question is how do you know when it has been solved? It
is never solved. The time just runs out and you’re off to the next
design. You have to make sure the design fits within the common
limits of cost, safety, and methods for others to construct. Some
might say you’ve met the limits so it is solved. The explanation to
others is the ultimate solution.
Deciding by finding tools and using them to make decisions. Tools
also provide confidence in the solution.
Misen En Place
Engineering domain software is
about finding complete solutions.
Electric power operation’s solutions
have to happen in less than a week.
This can only happen if you put
“everything in its place.” Good
software integration is a result of
staging and linking.
A Good Book
Stories have a beginning, middle, and
end. The parts are well-written and the
transitions inspire the reader to follow
along. Readers follow along because
they know the big picture, plots are
packaged, and they know the big picture.
A software integrator is the general
contractor of the software industry.
Ultimately they must judge all software
Tools of My Trade
Data sourcing, transformation, and
analysis are the main skills of an
engineering integrator. The product
is correct when you understand the
big picture, you can follow along,
and you understand all of the
Create a diagram of the result, find
possible data sources, and create
a map.
Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing
“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is
me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces